Managing Change

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

While change is often the key to the future success of your business, knowing how to implement change effectively can pay dividends and minimise many of the risks you’ll face.

Our Managing Change Workshop will help you to understand how to implement change successfully, improve organisational engagement and avoid many of the pitfalls you may face.

Managing Change Workshop
Objective To enable business managers to implement change smoothly and enable them to assess the value and benefit of change.


Who is it for? Managers

Team leaders/supervisors

SME business owners

Duration 2 days

May be followed up by one-to-one coaching to on specific challenges you may face

Synopsis Planning and implementing measurable change is a significant management challenge and you’ll need buy-in from staff and managers in all parts of your business. In this workshop we focus on steps 5 to 8 of World-renowned expert in change, John Kotter’s powerful 8-step model:

1.     Communicating the vision

2.     Removing barriers to change

3.     Achieving short-term wins

4.     Celebrating success

5.     Sustaining the change effort and embedding change as business-as-usual.

Understanding these 5 steps will ensure you plan, manage and implement change successfully and also gain key stakeholders’ support.

Content The difference between managing change and managing business-as-usual.

How individuals respond to change.

The 8 steps of change, focusing on steps 4 -8:

  • Communicating the vision
  • Removing barriers to change
  • Achieving short-term wins
  • Celebrating success
  • Sustaining the change effort and embedding the changes as business-as-usual.

Tools to support change and help you assess:

  • Staff
  • Business processes and technology
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication
Benefits In this practical workshop you’ll turn what you learn into your own personal action plan and will also:

  • Improve your ability to manage change and understand the urgency of change.
  • Resource the change effectively.
  • Improve productivity by improving role and process clarity
  • Provide you with a practical and useable framework for change
  • Build trust, reduce resistance and minimise risk by considering the impact of change on all your stakeholders.
  • Help you improve your communication by developing a common language of change within your business/organisation
  • Build in measurement and achieve more business benefits.
  • Convert learning into practice in the workplace by creating their own personal action plan.
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