Leading Change

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

While change is inevitable if your business is to be successful and stay competitive, implementing change is hard. Your business will have to embrace the fast-pace of innovation and technological change and your staff will need to collaborate in new and different ways.

Achieving sustainable change is crucial and our Leading Change Workshop helps business leaders to clarify their goals and set a clear direction for future success.

Objective To enable business leaders to implement effective, visionary and sustainable change.
Who is it for? Chief Executives


SME business owners

Duration 1 day

May be followed up by one-to-one coaching to on specific challenges you may face

Synopsis Leading change is much easier when it’s based on the right foundations. In this workshop we focus on the first 3 steps of World-renowned expert in change, John Kotter’s powerful 8-step model:

1.     Establishing a compelling need for change

2.     Creating a future vision

3.     Getting the right change-delivery team in place


Understanding these 3 steps will galvanise you and equip you with a powerful set of skills to lead change confidently.

Content Why leading change isn’t business-as-usual

How change affects individuals

The first 3 steps:

1. Establishing a compelling need for change.

2. Coming up with a sustainable future vision.

3. Putting the right team in place to deliver your vision

An overview of principal change management activities

Taking action

Benefits In this practical workshop you’ll start to develop your own change plan and will also:

  • Increase your capability to lead change and form your change leadership team
  • Provide you with a practical and useable framework for change
  • Help you create a vision that will energise and motivate your staff.
  • Help you understand how individuals respond to change
  • Help you improve your communication by developing a common language of change within your business/organisation
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