Career Coaching

The future depends on what we do in the present.
Mahatma Ghandi, Political Leader

It is not often we get our career choice right first time. Many of us fall into a career because we did not know what we wanted to do, did what was expected of us by parents or circumstances just got in the way.

There comes a time when we think ‘this job isn’t right for me’, ‘is it too late for me to start afresh?’, ‘is it wrong of me to want more from my job?’ or ‘I really want a more fulfilling career’.

If you have ever thought:

  • You are ready for a career change but unsure what to do next
  • You are finding it hard to think objectively about your situation and future career direction
  • You have a diverse career background, many skills and interests but you cannot focus on a target role
  • You have identified a role you would like to do, but you are not confident you are qualified to do it
  • You are unclear how to position yourself confidently and powerfully to get your ideal job
  • You need support writing your CV and with interview preparation
  • You are unsure how to use and grow your professional network

Our career coaching can help you to:

  • Conquer the fears and self-doubt that keep you stuck in the wrong job
  • Clarify your career goals, professional strengths and personal values to identify your ideal job
  • Develop a compelling career story that attracts attention
  • Articulate your professional value with confidence and clarity
  • Use social media to expand your visibility and professional influence
  • Build networking strategies to tap into the hidden job market

It takes courage and encouragement to choose a new career path and we will be both a catalyst and a facilitator, supporting, challenging and inspiring you to make life-changing choices.

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