Work-based Coaching

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.
Steven Covey, Author and Business Guru

Being at the helm of a business and busy running it day-to-day you can often miss out on opportunities – opportunities to grow, improve competitiveness, increase sales or to come up with new ideas and implement them.

Taking advantage of these opportunities could mean the difference between your business surviving and excelling.  But you don’t have to let things fall by the wayside because you’re busy.

Coaching is a powerful way to help you grow, develop and improve your performance at work.  Our business coaching will help you take a step back, take stock of where you are and create a personal action plan.

Together we will come up with some fresh thinking, galvanise your thoughts and set some compelling goals to achieve your ambitions.  We will also be there to help you overcome the challenges you will face along the way.

As your coach we will help you understand who you are, your values and what you want to achieve in your professional life.  It will be our job to give you a different perspective and encourage you to stretch yourself as you achieve your potential.

Acting as an independent, non-judgmental sounding board our clients have seen a range benefits from our business coaching, including:

  • Fresh ideas to market products and services
  • Performance improvements
  • Better resource management
  • Better problem-solving
  • Clarity of direction and clearer goals
  • Cost reduction and revenue improvement
  • Tackling obstacles

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