Sustaining Change

Control your own destiny or someone else will. 
Jack Welch

Our Sustaining Change  course focuses on how to communicate organizational change goals and objectives to a variety of audiences to ensure you influence and impact their behaviour.

Change projects often fail because of organizational resistance, where leaders and managers don’t fully understand the mindset of their staff or there’s a lack of management buy-in.

Our iceberg and influence model is an effective and powerful mechanism for sustaining change and this course will help you to make the organizational change you need to implement more sustainable change.  You’ll uncover/understand underlying behaviour, build understanding and adjust your communication to make sustainable change more achievable.


  • Harnessing communication to ensure effective and sustainable change.

Who is it for? 

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Those involved in implementing change


  • 2 days
  • Interactive, practical training using a combination of NLP techniques, communication and change models.


  • Changing mindsets to change behaviour
  • Learning about the Influence model, tactics and meaning
  • Listening and asserting


  • How and why do you and other people behave in the way you do?
  • Changing mindsets to influence behaviour.
  • Influencing challenging people in a positive manner.
  • Changing behaviour to achieve better outcomes.
  • Motivating staff to gain buy-in and achieve objectives.
  • Using advanced communication techniques to improve outcomes.


This course will enable you to understand:

  • How mindset impacts change.
  • Human behaviour and the cause of resistance.
  • Influencing models and 10 powerful influencing techniques.
  • The meaning and impact of change from a range of individual and organisational perspectives.
  • How to combine these skills to achieve better outcomes from change.