Personal Resilience

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
Nelson Mandela, Politician and Philanthropist

It’s human nature to get knocked off-course by issues at work or in our personal lives and these can result in overload, burn-out and feeling worn-out.  If you don’t address these issues quickly they can result in anxiety and other symptoms that can potentially have an adverse impact on you and your family.

Our Resilience Workshop will equip you with the personal strategies you need to get back – and stay – on your feet.

You’ll learn how to withstand pressure and recover more quickly from setbacks.

Adopting resilience strategies to overcome issues will see you turn weakness into strength and help you learn from challenges, grow, develop and support others.

Resilience Workshop
Objective To empower and inspire individuals to maximise their own personal resilience.
Who is it for? New joiners

Anyone wanting to enhance their ability to deal with seen or unforeseen pressures

Anyone going through change, taking on multiple roles or dealing with time constraints, overwhelming expectations

Anyone aiming for promotion

Duration 1-day interactive workshop
Synopsis Understanding how to capitalise on the challenges you face in your professional and personal life, you’ll increase your self-confidence and develop a more fulfilling lifestyle.  You’ll learn how to stay on your feet, withstand pressure and recover more quickly from setbacks.

You’ll learn how to turn weakness into strengths and embrace the support of others.

Content Identify the meaning of resilience to you

Understand the range of internal and external factors that  impact personal resilience

Maximising your personal resilience

Harnessing personal relationships effectively

Manage your future knowing that you have the resources to survive and thrive

Benefits ·       Maintain and enhance your personal self-belief

·       Adapt your mindset to deal with challenging situations

·       Stay calm under pressure

·       Improve health and wellbeing

·       Be able to prioritise

·      Maintain high productivity

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